Japan and the US Collaborate to Rev Up Fusion

Last week, United States and Japanese officials announced a new partnership to rev up the development and commercialization of nuclear fusion as part of their respective 2050 zero-emissions targets. 


The Spent Fuel Storage Debate Heats Up in the House

The US House of Representatives’ Energy, Climate, and Grid Security subcommittee held a hearing yesterday to boost efforts to handle spent nuclear fuel, and some researchers are sounding the alarm on the risks of waste mismanagement amid an impending US nuclear revival. 


SMRs Are Still Risky Business for Investors

While nuclear power companies around the globe have spent billions building small modular reactors over the last decade, the hype is giving way to hard financial realities—and investors are taking notice.


Commercial Shipping Could Go Nuclear

In the global race toward an emissions-free transportation sector, commercial shipping presents a particular challenge—massive cargo ships depend on toxic, carbon-spewing heavy fuel oil, which they need loads of for their long journeys.


Welding Just Got a Futuristic Upgrade

Despite the hype for the relative simplicity and lower building costs of SMRs, they can still take years to construct and cost billions of dollars in the process. A British engineering company called Sheffield Forgemasters thinks it can heat things up.