A Fat Check for Holtec

The DOE has doled out a $1.52B loan guarantee to Holtec International to reboot the Palisades nuclear plant in Michigan. If the energy tech firm can deliver, it may be the first time in US history a closed plant reopens its doors.



Oklo, the nuclear fission startup backed by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, is one step closer to bringing its fast fission technology to market. 


Four Reactors are Better than One, UK Says

Privately-funded SMRs are hitting the UK for the first time. On Thursday, energy giant Westinghouse announced that it signed an agreement with Community Nuclear Power, Ltd. (CNP) to deploy four of its AP300 SMRs in the English North Teesside region.  Under the agreement, CNP and Westinghouse hope to get a fleet of four AP300s up […]