Oklo Goes Public Via SPAC Merger

Oklo, a fast fission startup, has completed its SPAC merger with AltC Acquisition Corp.. Tomorrow, the combined company—now known as Oklo Inc.—will begin trading on the NYSE under the ticker “OKLO.”  Oklo joins other advanced SMR companies on the public market, including NuScale and BWX Technologies.  Not all sunshine: The road ahead for a nuclear […]


A Fat Check for Holtec

The DOE has doled out a $1.52B loan guarantee to Holtec International to reboot the Palisades nuclear plant in Michigan. If the energy tech firm can deliver, it may be the first time in US history a closed plant reopens its doors.


LIS Is Laser-Focused

Uranium enrichment via laser sounds like something a Bond villain might cook up, but some view it as the key to boosting America’s competitiveness, attaining energy security, and achieving the Biden administration’s climate change goals all at once.



Oklo, the nuclear fission startup backed by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, is one step closer to bringing its fast fission technology to market. 


The Ontario Scenario 

Ontario is poised to become a powerhouse for nuclear energy production as Canada seeks to curb surging electricity demand with clean energy.